Quer fazer parte de um time f*da?

We are a fast growing startup based in Florianópolis that develops software for local and international customers. We are looking for someone who believes that we don’t know everything as we always have something to learn. In this way, learning and collaborating, we work together to create great software and unique experiences.
Would you like a break from working on business applications? This is an opportunity for developers interested in doing core software development and building tools for other developers in the world.

You will be helping build a world-class development tool for technical users working on data integration between different systems.
What this opportunity is NOT about: Business applications (you will be building a tool for other developers and technical users) Web or cloud technologies (the tool is mostly a single-process desktop-based IDE).
You must write top notch object-oriented code that not only is easy to test and maintain (Any fool can write code a computer understands), but is also reliable and fast. You will analyze, reproduce, debug and fix bugs reported by customers in the field. You will write new features. You will refactor legacy parts of the codebase. You will investigate and address performance and reliability issues. You will write a healthy amount of tests for your code. You will review other people’s changes, and you will apply other people’s feedback to your own work.The primary language is Java, and the platform is the Eclipse and OSGi APIs.

Mandatory Skills:

For your intended level of seniority, you must show interest and a corresponding level of proficiency and experience in:

  • System-level programming;
  • Programming in statically typed object-oriented languages (ideally Java, but experience in C#, Go, C++ will also be considered);
  • Object-oriented design, API design, modularization, componentization;
  • Concurrency (threads, synchronization mechanisms);
  • Scalability, reliability;
  • Memory management in garbage collected languages;
  • Automated testing (unit, integration) using xUnit frameworks;
  • Performance analysis and optimization;
  • Refactoring;
  • Debugging;
  • Using a source control system (such as Git, Mercurial, SVN).

Also, all interactions across teams, both written and spoken, must be in English, so you have to be able to communicate well in English in both forms.

Desired Skill

These are not necessary, but are very relevant skills for this position:

  • Solid experience in Java 8+ and the Java Core API;
  • Maven, Tycho;
  • Eclipse APIs (Resources, SWT, JDT), OSGi;
  • Continuous integration (Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc;
  • Issue tracking (JIRA, Bugzilla, etc);
  • Code reviews (Crucible, Gerrit, etc);
  • Integration ESBs (Mule, Talend).

We offer:

  • A great and very collaborative place to work and develop your skills;
  • Big challenges to develop your knowledge;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Home office;
  • One day off in your Birthday Month;
  • Casual dress code workplace;
  • The opportunity to work with amazing and very clever people!

Want to be a part of this team? So send your resume to recrutamento@bravi.com.br and any time soon we will be in touch with you.