1 minute of reading

The world is constantly changing, especially when it comes to information consumption. A Microsoft survey revealed that the attention span of most people in the digital age does not last more than 8 seconds. This is less than the attention of a goldfish, which lasts up to 9 seconds.

With that being said, some paradigms are changing, especially those that deal with how to distribute content. In addition to being expensive and time consuming to produce and absorb, traditional learning materials (handouts, books, PDF…) are also the most difficult ones to keep up to date.

Thus, micro-learning, a distance learning method, which proposes courses and training divided into short bursts of content, has become more popular in the corporate environment.

One of the main benefits is its ease of access, since anyone with a cell phone in their hands can consume it, at any time, from anywhere.

Micro-learning is on the rise and it is available to everyone, it can be easily accessed during our daily routine and it is perfect for training and empowering employees.